St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags
St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags

St. Louis Tag Company Offers a Wide Variety of Stringing Capabilities for Hang Tags

Posted by:  Bob Barenholtz

In the world of hang tags, the type of string attachment a customer chooses can make a huge impact on both a tag's practicality and its appearance. St. Louis Tag Company, a leader in printing and finishing customized hang tags, offers a wide variety of stringing options to meet its customers' needs.

"Different stringing options work better for different tags depending on the item the tag will be attached to and the type of material used to make the tag," said Bob Barenholtz, president of St. Louis Tag Co. "With options like cotton, elastic and rayon, in addition to greener options such as jute and natural cotton, the choice of attachment material is just as important as the design of the tag itself. St. Louis Tag customizes every tag and can help customers decide what stringing material is right for their tags. From 250 tags to 2 million tags, we can handle nearly any size order."

String is one of the most commonly used tag attachment options. A wide range of industries attach string to their tags for both its ease of use and strength. Those industries include retail, travel, recreational, agricultural and many more. String is a particularly popular attachment for retailers who want to market a brand or product. Retailers typically use a high-end cotton or pearlray string to hang tags around their products, as those types of string add to the perceived value of an item. St. Louis Tag carries a wide variety of string colors to match a tag's colors.

When deciding what type of string attachment to use, it is best for customers to determine both what the tag will be used for and how the tag will be featured. For example, elastic is an ideal attachment for many customers, because the string's stretch makes it easy to quickly attach a tag to an object. Elastic is often used to attach tags to luggage handles, glass jars, wine or liquor bottles and a host of many other items.

For customers who want more of an environmentally-friendly tag, jute string and natural cotton string are popular options. Jute is a natural, biodegradable material made from vegetable fiber, while natural cotton is manufactured without dye. Tags manufactured using recycled paper and soy ink with jute or natural cotton string make for the ideal "green" tag.

A key feature for any type of string is its working length, or the length of the string from the tag's punched hole to the string's knot at the top. Each type of string has its own working length, ranging from 1.75 inches all the way to 8 inches, depending upon a customer's needs.

Reinforcing a tag's punched hole to make it stronger is an optional component of the stringing process. Customers can add a fiber patch and/or a metal eyelet to ensure strength and functionality.

St. Louis Tag stands out in the variety of materials it offers and the quantity of tags it can string. Because St. Louis Tag produces only customized products, customers have many choices they may not be able to find anywhere else.

About St. Louis Tag Co., Inc.
St. Louis Tag, founded in 1959 in St. Louis, Mo., specializes in manufacturing and finishing custom printed tags such as hang tags, shipping tags, industrial tags and retail merchandising tags. The company offers a wide range of custom options, including various tag stocks such as Tyvek®, synthetic, and paper, multiple choices for wire and string attachments, and eco-friendly materials. St. Louis Tag's capabilities and the quality of its products have helped the company set the industry standard in manufacturing customized tags at competitive prices. For more information about St. Louis Tag, please visit or call 1-800-426-8090.


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