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St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags

Consecutive Numbering & Barcode / UPC / QR Tags

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Consecutive Numbering

Easily identify your business' assets and track inventory and job information with consecutive numbered hang tags from St. Louis Tag. Often used for asset management, inventory control or job tracking, consecutive numbered tags are a simple and effective way to stay organized. Not only does consecutive numbering save your business time and money, but it makes it easier for customers and employees to find and reference specific products, jobs or transactions.

Consecutive numbering is the printing of numbers, or letters, following each other continuously, or back-to-back. For example, the series of numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 consists of consecutive integers. Values can be alphabetical, alphanumeric or numeric, and each hang tag receives a unique number or letter, and is printed in either ascending or descending order. At St. Louis Tag, we also print hang tags in sequential numbering, in which numbers follow a logical order.

Numbers from 3/16" up to jumbo heights can be printed in nearly any spot on the tag – whether positioned horizontally or vertically – and in any color. Simply choose your starting letter, number or logical sequence.

Explore some of our consecutive numbered hang tag options below or Contact Us today for more information.

Barcode / UPC Tags & Tags with QR Codes

At St. Louis Tag, we understand the importance of managing assets, keeping track of inventory and identifying product information, as we provide barcode tag solutions to expedite our customers' everyday business activities—whether you’re managing a retail business or manufacturing facility.

Our custom printed, high-quality and high-resolution barcode tags, UPC (Universal Product Code) tags, and QR (Quick Response) code labels and tags are great for virtually any industry—not just retail. With our experience in barcoding technology, we can assist you in finding the right tags for your business.

Whether you’re seeking custom barcode, UPC or QR tags to identify individual products, manufacturers, product types, product quantities, coupons, discounts or more, our hang tags are sure to be a great solution for you.

In addition, all of the QR, UPC, and barcode hang tags at St. Louis Tag are generated in compliance with GS1 specifications and efficiency standards for proper scanning to meet global supply and demand.

Contact Us today to learn more about barcode, UPC, and QR tags and labels.

Variable Data Printing

In addition to offering custom tags and labels with the above-mentioned attributes, we go even further with Variable Data Printing (VDP). This form of digital printing, sometimes referred to as Variable Imaging, Variable Information Printing or Variable Data Solution, allows several components of a tag design (i.e. images, graphics or text) to be modified from one printed tag to the next, without interrupting the printing process.

Typically used in direct marketing and advertising campaign pieces, bringing this expertise to the hang tag industry transforms the already infinite tag possibilities. Contact Us today to find out how we VDP may work for you and your hang tag needs.

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