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St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags

Custom Scaffold Inspection Tags

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Scaffolds are useful tools to access elevated work areas. They are often more stable, provide larger work platforms and seem to be even easier and safer to use than ladders. However, poor setup and misuse can result in serious workplace injury or death.

Scaffold Inspection Hang Tags provide suggested safety practices that are useful in preventing scaffold-related work injuries – they alert workers of the scaffold condition and help to ensure that regular inspections occur for continued safety. At St. Louis Tag, we provide a number of tags that not only help your facility stay in compliance with OSHA scaffold requirements and standards, but that can also protect the lives of your workers.

Our scaffold inspection tags are made from durable materials to withstand almost any condition – chemicals, grease, operational abuse, weathering, etc. Simply write in your message on our tear- and smudge-resistant, matte-finished tag surfaces, to make your daily operations faster and more efficient and to keep your employees safe and informed. You can even color-code your hang tags for easy tracking. Scaffold inspection tags use the following color schemes to represent the status and safety of the scaffold.

  • Green tags indicate that a scaffold has been inspected and that it is “SAFE FOR USE.”
  • Yellow tags, or “CAUTION” tags, signify that an inspection has been performed but additional safety requirements are necessary for safe use. Based on the results of an additional inspection, yellow tags can be removed and an appropriate tag (green or red) will be hung on the scaffold.
  • Red tags, also known as “DANGER – UNSAFE FOR USE" tags, are used to mark unsafe conditions in the event a scaffold has been deemed unfit for use.

Browse some of our featured scaffold inspection tags and Contact Us today for more information about our custom capabilities.

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We offer 12 standard sizes that are available as is, with clipped corners or with rounded corners. Fully customized die cut shapes are also available.


We offer numerous material options for tag printing, including high grade printing paper for retail tags, durable Tyvek and vinyl for industrial tags, and carbonless carbon paper for multi-part hang tags.


In addition to the 21 standard colors we offer for our tags, we can create virtually any color by flood coating our white tags. We also offer full-color process printing for creating eye-catching designs with fine details.

Hole & Reinforcement Options

Tags are typically punched with either 3/16” or 3/8” holes and can be reinforced with fiber patches and/or metal eyelets for securely attaching tags to items.

Stringing Options

We offer several standard string materials, including elastic, mercerized cotton, cotton/poly blend, polished cotton twine and a natural option that is similar to jute. These can either be knotted or looped. For more industrial applications, we offer several different types and gauges of metal wire options.

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