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Toe tags for the deceased are a small but highly important piece after someone passes. A toe tag is a durable hangtag or label typically attached with a string to the big toe or ankle of a deceased person, or the paw of a deceased animal. These tags bear the decedent's identification information, such as date, name, height, weight, eye color, hair/fur color, case number (if law enforcement is involved), etc.

During the sensitive and emotional time, toe tags aid in helping doctors, veterinarians, morticians, coroners, law enforcement officials, and others efficiently identify the individual. With this descriptive tag, those involved in the death process can avoid the risk of errors with incorrectly identifying the departed, making guesswork, and other mix-ups, making for a more respectful and smooth process for the deceased and their loved ones.

Toe tags from St. Louis Tag use high-quality, custom-printed materials to aid in organization and identification of the deceased in your healthcare institution, morgue, or pet cemetery. For added durability, we can add eyelet reinforcements to the hole punched tag for the custom stringing of your choice. We carry a variety of custom colors, shapes, sizes, styles and text fields, to meet the needs of your situation. St. Louis Tag is sure to have toe tags options to meet your specific needs and requirements. Contact Us today for more information and to receive a free quote on toe tags.

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