St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags
St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags

Stringing for Hang Tags

Standard String Materials

String tags consist of string attachments available in various materials and virtually any color, and can be attached in many working lengths. Our stock string materials include:


Elastic String Hang Tag Attachment

Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized Cotton String Hang Tag Attachment

Poly/Cotton Blend

Poly/Cotten Blend String Hang Tag Attachment

Polished Cotton Twine

Polished Cotton Twine Hang Tag Attachment

Natural (like Jute)

Natural / Jute String Hang Tag Attachment

Standard Working Length for String Tags

Standard Working Length

Standard Stringing Methods

Knotted String

Knotted String Hang Tag Attachment

Pre-tied hang tags with string are ideal for applications where the tag will be hung onto its application.

Looped String

Looped String Hang Tag Attachment

We supply a string that is fastened to the tag with two open ends that can be tied onto the application.

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