St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags
St. Louis Tag Co - Manufacturer of Custom Printed Hang Tags

Safety Tags

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Stay compliant with local, state and federal safety laws by attaching the appropriate safety tags or labels on your products, equipment, machinery, etc. At St. Louis Tag, we specialize in custom designing and printing safety hang tags for virtually any application. Plus, being a manufacturing company, you can be sure that we understand the importance of operational productivity while maintaining quality and safety standards.

Not only do custom safety tags improve workplace efficiency, safety and communication, they prevent accidents from occurring. Plus, they are essential in featuring important information that ensures products and equipment are routinely maintained and that safety measures are carried out properly. Whether you need to display inspection requirements, scheduling updates, identification information or product and equipment maintenance history and status, safety tags can keep your employees well-informed.

Our safety tags come in a number of sizes designed to grab attention with bold headlines and bright colors and are custom designed to fit your needs and specifications. From special barcode and write-on options to numbering, hole-punching, grommet and perforation applications, St. Louis Tag has a variety of customization options. In addition, our safety hang tags can be made of durable materials to provide long-lasting protection against most chemicals, dirt, grease, operational abuse and weathering.

View various types of custom printed safety tags we offer below or Contact Us today for more information.

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